Government of Dubai offers 1 gram of gold for each kg of weight loss

The United Arab Emirates had decided to recognize that its citizens have a serious problem with excessive weight gain, and the government has decided that it is going to take action. The government of Dubai, one of the emirates in the UAE, has decided that it will pay 1 gram of gold per kilogram who are able to lose at least 2kg during a 30 day weight loss challenge. The weight loss program would cost approximately 1kg in gold for each kilogram of weight that UAE citizens lose. The reason why the UAE government decided to implement this program is due to the fact that their country currently suffers from a severe problem of obesity. As things stood in 2009, 40 percent of Emirati men and 25 percent of Emirati women were suffering from obesity. These statistics showed that the government of the UAE needed to take action to prevent its citizens from continuing to suffer from the international epidemic of obesity that has afflicted numerous countries around the world. The UAE’s government undoubtedly hopes that by providing gold for its overweight citizens it will be able to provide them with incentive to get their weight back in line. Diet pills like Phentermine are not legal in UAE and buying it on the internet and importing it to the country is illegal.

This tactic proposed by the UAE represents an interesting approach for a country’s government to take when attempting to counter increasing trends toward obesity among their citizens. The cost of gold is currently about $45 per gram, which is what the UAE is offering to its citizens who are able to its citizens who are currently attempting to lose weight.

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The UAE is not the only Gulf State that is facing the challenge of obesity among its citizens. It implemented this program after statistics found that as much as one-fifth of the population of the UAE was suffering from obesity. The program’s implementation is set to begin Friday at Gate 3 of Zabeel Park, and participants have to have an Emirates ID card in order to participate. Nutritional experts will be on site as participants register for this program, which is limited to those who have decided to lose weight using regular healthy methods rather than short-term unhealthy methods such as crash dieting.

Another benefit that this program could produce is by generating international publicity regarding the issue of obesity. While Americans are not going to be awarded any amount of gold for losing 1kg of weight, they will still be aware of the action that the UAE government is taking regarding obesity and will understand further the seriousness of the problem. While places such as Dubai may have a reputation for overspending and lavishing luxuries on their citizens, this proposal has the potential to serve as a wakeup call to anyone attempting to lose weight anywhere. Buying prescription weight loss drugs like Adipex in UAE is not possible. Another way that this program could be beneficial relates to human psychology – the government of Dubai (or for that matter any of the other Emirates) could easily adopt a program intended to help incentivize citizens to lose weight. The real benefit though derives from the publicity that will occur after oil-rich places such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates recognize the need for their citizens to lose weight.

Imagine getting gold for losing weight